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Are you looking for nice, funny, and original items for and about dogs, cats ferrets, rats, chinchilla's & other rodents ? Well, you have come to the right (web) address! Welcome at our website.

Here you will discover the funniest products for animals in Europe! When you are in the Netherlands you can visit us and see the products in our amazing pet shop in Noord-Scharwoude yourself.

Noord-Scharwoude is a small village approximately 60km north of Amsterdam near Alkmaar. If you come by train, you can take a train-taxi from the train station in Heerhugowaard directly to our address (Handelskade 3, Noord Scharwoude)!

The only thing we do not have are the animals themselves.

We strongly believe that these animals should be obtained from an animal shelter or from a breeder. We believe this, because the ones you can purchase in a pet shop are more often than not badly or not socialized at all and most of the time unhealthy.